Physical Therapy in our Santa Ana & Long Beach Locations

For the convenience of the patient, our Santa Ana and Long Beach locations has an On-Site Physical Therapy clinic. Our clinics have full-time Physical Therapists and licensed Physical Therapy Assistants on staff to provide the highest quality care for your injured worker.

Our Physical Therapy emphasizes the following ideals:

Return to Work Programs

Aggressive exercise programs to strengthen & condition patients.
Home-exercise and patient self-reliance.
Focus on successful and fast return-to-work.

Ergonomic Training

Workplace techniques to prevent future injury.

Individualized Programs

Physical Therapists work closely to develop a customized program with the physician.

Physician Involvement

Our Physical Therapists and Physicians work closely as a team to develop a rehabilitation plan for each injured worker.

Expertise in Industrial Injuries

Over 90% of our injuries treated at our facilities are industrial in nature.
Our Physical Therapists specialize in hand, knee and spinal stabilization programs.